Chancho-Derba-Bacho road project nears completion

Published: Tuesday, 23 June 2015 Written by Herald Sunday 21 June 2015 Page: 01

The Committee ledged to work with the Corporation in the move to establish strong road network for the overall development of the country.

The Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation (ERCC) said that 81 per cent of the Chancho-Derba–Bacho Road Project has been completed. The project is scheduled to be finalised next October.

During a visit by members of House of Peoples' Representative Transport Affairs Standing Committee last Friday, Corporation General Manager Habtamu Tegegne said the project includes the construction of two bridges, 21 kms asphalt and 10 kms cement concrete roads, culverts and ditches. The Corporation is undertaking the construction with 621 million Birr allocated by the federal government, he added.

Habtamu said that upon completion, Chancho-Derba–Becho road will serve as a corridor for cement production, horticulture, and other socioeconomic development activities. It will also create market link for agricultural production, access to social services, and facilitates conditions for sustainable growth in the area.

Project Manager Solomon Demeke also told the visiting committee members that the road is aimed at meeting the demand for cement transportation and other products, and also upgrade the existing roads. The project has created about 800 temporary jobs for the local people and 250 permanent employees. It also provides five kms access road in Chancho and four kms in Derba towns, he added.

Solomon said that problems encountered in the execution process were fixed with active participation of stakeholders. He said the project faced lack of experience in rigid pavement construction, relocation of electric poles, and shortage of sand in the desired quality and quantity.

Solomon added that the shift from asphalt concrete to cement concrete pavement was the other obstacle that delayed the project from completing on schedule.

According to Solomon, the Corporation has got practical experience in concrete pavement construction which makes it pioneer in the sector. It has proved its capability and competency in the construction of complex roads. Thus, the Chancho-Fiche Road Project was granted to the Corporation for its accomplishment in the Chancho-Derba-Bacho project, he underlined.

Committee members lauded the remarkable progress in Chancho-Derba-Becho road construction. The Committee pledged to work with the Corporation in the move to establish strong road network for the overall development of the country.

Committee Chairperson Kefelech Demboba urged the Corporation to strengthen capacity building activities and play due role in the construction of quality road infrastructure in the country.

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