Alemayhu Ketema Wins Bid for 713.6m Br Sport Academy

Published: Monday, 29 June 2015 Written by Fortune Sunday 28 June 2015 Page: 12

The sport academy

The Oromia Youth & Sports Bureau awarded Alemayhu Ketema, general contractor a 713.6 million Br contract for the construction of a Sport Academy on 24,000sqm land at Sululta.

The announcement was made at Elilly Hotel on June 26, 2015 at a press briefing conducted in the Oromiffa language to some non-Oromiffa speaking journalists invited to the signing ceremony. The contract was signed by Mohamed Jilo, head of the Oromia Youth & Sports Bureau, Alemayhu Ketema, the manager of Alemayhu Ketema construction, and Yohaness Abay, the manager of Yohaness Abay consultants.

Twenty construction firms had responded to the tender, which was announced on April 13, 2015. Alemayehu Ketema was selected from a final list which comprised Tikleberhan Ambaye Construction, Afro Tsion Construction, Rahma Construction, Yotec Construction and China Communications Construction Co. Ltd. (CCCC). Alemayhu is currently constructing the 60 Km Adwa-Mekelle roads.

The Sport Academy will include more than 20 playing fields, swimming pools, dormitories and, administration buildings to train in 13 kinds of sports. It will accommodate 800 trainers at a time.

Balancing the growth of the sports sector with the country’s economic development and bringing the benefits of sports competitions to it, are the reasons for the construction of the Sport Academy, Mohamed said, speaking toFortune after the signing.

Yohaness Abay Consultants designed the academy and will also be responsible for the construction and contract administration.

Construction is expected to begin after 21 days and finish in three years.

The new institution vies to centralise into a national Sport Academy, the scattered training that has been given so far, said Fisseha Geberemichael, deputy head of the Oromia Youth & Sports Bureau, told Fortune after the ceremony.

The Oromia academy will be the second such facility after the 290 million Br Ethiopian Youths Sports Academy, which rests on 24 ha of land along the ring road from Bole to Megenagna. It was inaugurated on May 29, 2013.

This content is published on:  Fortune Sunday 28 June 2015 Page: 12


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