GC-1 or BC-1 invited for the construction of College, International Competitive Bid, Oromia

Published: Friday, 28 June 2013 Written by The Ethiopian Herald, Friday 28 June 2013 Page 06

Under Procurement Reference Number – OEB/CW/ICB/IFB No. 29 / 2005, The Oromia Education Bureau invites eligible Individual Bidders or Joint Venture Bidders of Category and Grade GC-1 or BC-1for the construction of Fiche Teachers Training College (TTC).

Some Notes About this announcement:

This is an International Competitive Bid (ICB)

Bid document purchase price is ETB 1,000.00 and Bid security ETB 500,000.00 in the forms of payment specified in the below cited publication.

Bid will be closed and opened at Oromia Education Bureau , Procurement and Finance Administration Department , Alexander Pushkin Street , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia , Tel. +251 11 371 7977 , +251 11 369 0345  16th August , 2013 at 2:30 PM.

Interested Bidders are recommended to view details from the publication.


For details this announcement is published on The Ethiopian Herald, Friday 28 June 2013 Page 06

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