GC/BC 6 for construction of HC at four locations in Ethiopian Somali Region , ESRGB

Published: Tuesday, 21 March 2017 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Sunday 19 March 2017 Page 11

Ethiopian Somali Regional Health Bureau (ESRGB) invites eligible contractors of GC/BC 6 and above for the construction of HC (Health Centers) in EL-OGADEN, DIG, LAS-DARK EYLE, GOGLE,  ELEELE, GABALAU, GUDIS, HORSHAGAH, SANHASKULE, YAHOB.

Submission : to the bureau, Jigjiga at or before 9:00AM on 22nd date of announcement  

Tel : 251 25 75 45 59

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Sunday  19 March 2017 Page 11

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