GC/RC-5 and above invited for construction of 3 culverts, West Azernet

Published: Wednesday, 10 July 2013 Written by The Ethiopian Herald, Wednesday 10 July 2013: Page 06


1.The W/A/B woreda Finance & Economy office hereby invites all local General or road contractor of grade five(5) & above registered by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MOFED), ministry of urban development  & construction and trade industry or relevant authorities with renewed trade license for 2005 E.C, registration for VAT, tax clearance certificate, permission certificate for bidding from legal authorities for 2005 E.C, trade registration certificate, taxpayer registration certificate and certificate of compliance submit sealed proposal for the construction service for the three Culver projects found in W/A/B woreda of SNNPRS.


2.Bidders may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the bidding documents at our office at,

THE W/A/B  Woreda Finance & Economic  & Road and TRANSPORT Offices Lera

Tel. 0462340005/209/296/175

Fax: 046 234 0294/179

3.A complete of tender document (RFP) may be purchased by interested eligible tender at above office, on submission of written application & upon payment of non-refundable fee of 200 Eth Birr during working hours of 30 successive calendar days starting from the 2nd date after the first notification of this advertisement on The Ethiopia Herald. The final submission date and opening of the proposal will be on the 31st date f this announcement on The Ethiopia Herald at 11:00 A.M & 2:30 P.M respectively. If the 31st date is not a working day, it will be held on the next working days at the same time.

4.Bids will be opened in the presence of a bidders/legal representatives who choose to attend at the offices of W/A/B/Woreda Finance & Economic Office bid evaluating hall.

5.Bidding document will be purchased only if both original and copies of the above mentioned eligible documents presented.       

6.All bidders must be accompanied by a security in the form and amount specified in the bidding document, and must be delivered to.

The West Azernet Berebere Woreda

Finance & Economic ofiice


Tel. 0462340296

7.The W/A/B/Woreda Finance & Economic office reserves the right to reject or accept.


For Details: This announcement is published on The Ethiopian Herald, Wednesday 10 July 2013: Page 06

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