GC-5/BC-5 and above for different construction works, more that 20 lots, Urban Development Bureau, Somali

Published: Friday, 01 August 2014 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Thursday 31 July 2014 Page 04

Ethiopian Somali Regional State Bureau of Urban Development Construction and Industry invites eligible Contractors of category GC-5/BC-5 and above for the construction works listed below. 

1. Construction of standard prison (8 Lots)

2. Construction of police academy (10 Lots)

3. Construction of Godey Guest House 

4. Construction of Quooxle kebel office

Submission : Bids will be opened on 15th day after the announcement at 10:30AM to the bureau 

Tel : 251 775 33 95

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Thursday 31 July  2014 Page 04





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