GC-5/BC-5 and above for Five School Construction Works, Education Bureau, Ethiopia Somali

Published: Friday, 01 August 2014 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Thursday 31 July 2014 Page 04

The Ethiopian Somali Regional State Bureau of Education invites eligible contractors of GC-5/BC-5 and above for the construction of 


1. construction of 13 B Level secondary schools at Aware, Biki Hadaw, Salahad, dhadhamane, garbo, jarati, dhaga xbur city, ararso, Mubarak, dobowayn, daroor & hardin


2. Fiq boaeding school expansion, Fiq woreda


3. Completion of adably secondary of school & fence construction, Adadly woreda 


4. Completion of Filtu secondary & preparatory schoo, Filtu woreda


5. Completion of west imay secondary & preparatory school, west imay woreda 


Submission : Bids will be opened on8th day after the announcement at 10:00AM to the bureau  


Tel : 025 775 3853


This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Thursday 31 July 2014 Page 04






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