Contractors for different construction , Preparation and completion works , 16 works ,Afar

Published: Wednesday, 15 January 2014 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Wednesday 15 January 2014 Page 07

The Afar National Regional State Urban Development and Construction Bureau  invites eligible contractors   the construction of Preparation and completion of :


1) Urban Development and Construction Bureau Maintainance and Expansion
2) Aysayta adalle TVET Automotive Work Shop
3) Aysayta adalle TVET Metal Work Shop
4) Amibara Lucy TVET Fence
5)Gewane College Maintainance
6)Gewane Agricultural College septic tank and sewage installation
7)Gewane college Residence Block Expansion
8)pastoral Agricultural Bureau Store and Fence
9)Dewwe Mohamed  Bodaya Highschool Expansion
10)Semera Boarding School Expansion
11)Logia Highschool and Preparatory School
12)Abala Pastoral and semipastoral Research Institute Maintainance
13)Bidu Woreda Office Building
14) Primary Hospital
15)Zone one office maintainance
16)Disable Support production workshop

Dead line of Submission: 9:30 local time on 21st date of announcement

Tel.  033 666 0002

This announcement is published on The Ethiopian Herald Wednesday 15 January 2014 Page 07

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