RC-1/GC-1 for construction of road projects ,5 projects ,ERA

Published: Wednesday, 09 May 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Wednesday 09 May 2018 Page 0 9

The Ethiopian Roads Authority invites eligible bidders contractors RC-1/GC-1 for the construction of the following road projects. Package XIII

1. Rama-Chila-Adi Daro-Semema (91.13KM)Road Project, Tigray Region, 91.13KM, DBST, 3 years, DBB, NCB

2. Bahir Dar-Tis Esat Design and Build Road Project, Amhara Region, 22Km and 1.175Km walkway (spur), AC, 2.5 Years, DB, NCB

3. Debre Markos-Debre Elias-Kuch Design and Build Road Project; Lot I: Km 0+000-Km 75+000, Amhara Region, 75Km, AC, 3.33 years, DB, NCB

4. Gode-Kelafo-Ferefer Design and Build Project; Contract I: Gode-Kelafo, Somali Region, 88.5Km, AC, 3.5 years, DB, NCB


Gimba-Tenta-Tenta Junction Road Project (Km 0+00-Km 80+211), Amhara Region, 80.21Km, Ac, 3 years, DBB, ICB

Submission : to the authority director general on or before June 07, 2018 and June 24, 2018 at 2:30pm for NCB and ICB Projects respectively

Tel : 251 11 551 51 77 70/79

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