Grade 1 for construction of head office and transport management center buildings, AA TPMO

Published: Wednesday, 27 June 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Wednesday 27 June 2018 Page 0 7

The Addis Ababa City Government Transport Programs Management Office invites eligible Grade 1 Building or General Contractors for Construction of

Addis Ababa Transport for Sectorial Head Office Building Lot 1:
Addis Ababa Traffic Management Center Building Lot 2:

Type and Scope of Works: It considers the complete construction of 3B+G+20+ Road Floor Transport Sectorial Head Office Building (Lot-1) and a G-4 underground Traffic Managment Center (Lot-2) Building in the same compound The built-up area of
Lot-1 building is 4023m2 and the built-up area of
Lot -2 building is 2925m2 in which its ground floor will be green area.

Complete design and quantity of works are prepared by the consulting firms of the project. In addition to the construction works, it is the contractor’s responsibility to redesign of part of the finishing and special features of the project. Location: YekaSub-City, around Megemamgna Square, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Submission : to the office Yotek Building on or before 2:00am August 3, 2018

Tel : 251 11 55 73 127/251 11 8 69 98 43

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Wednesday 27 June 2018 Page 0 7


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