Bidders for construction of Eight Road Projects, ERA

Published: Friday, 06 July 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Thursday 06 July 2018 Page 0 9

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) invites eligible bidders of RC 1or GC 1 for the construction of the following road projects

1. Bishoftu-Chefe Donsa-SandafaDesign and Build Road Project, Oromia Region 52.0Km AC, 3.0 Years DB, NCB

2. Finisha Genet-Kele-Segen-Gebalbeno Road Project; Lot 2: Chulese-Soyama-Km 79+500 , SNNP Region,87.9 Km AC, 3.0 years, DB, ICB

3. Gambella-Abobo-Gogel-Dima Road project; Lot II Pungido-Gog-gilo river-Km 72, Gambella Region, 72Km, AC, 3.0 Years, DB, ICB

4. Gishen Junction-Km 14+00 Design and Build Road Upgrading Project, Amhara Region, 14Km, AC, 2.52.5 Years, DB, NCB

5. Kombolca Industry Park Access Design and Build Road Project, Amhara Region, 3.3Km, AC, 1.0 Yeras, DB, ICB

6. Muketuri-Alem Ketema Road Project; Lot 2: Kokeb Mesk-Alem Ketema, Amhara Region, 55.0Km, AC, 3.0 Years, DBB, ICB

7. Tercha-Weldehane-Omonada Junction Road Project, Contract I: Tercha-Weldehane-Werebo, SNNP Region, 90.0Km, Ac, 4.5 Years, DB, ICB

8. Tercha-Weldhane-OmonadaJunction Road Project, Contract-II: Werebo-Gona-Ominada Junction, SNNP Region, 67.0Km, AC, 4.0 Years, DB, ICB

Submission : to the authority Director General on or before August 28,2018 at 2:30pm

Tel : 251 11 55 17 710/79

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