Grade 7 and above for 18 rural water supply in zones ,OWMEB

Published: Saturday, 27 October 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Friday 26 October 2018 Page 04

The Oromia Water Mineral and Energy Bureau (OWMEB) invites eligible Grade 7 and above WWC or GWWC for the construction of the following Rural Water Supply Project.

1. Hora Wate 2, Sasiga District, E/Wollega Zone

2. Tulu Ree & Haro Gudina, JardagaJarte & Amuru District, H/G/ Wollega Zone

3. Cheru, Abe Dongoro District, H/G/ Wollega

4. Gobu Sirba, Amuru District, H/G/ Wollega

5. Bore, Gelana District, W/Guji Zone

6. Samalo, Gelana District, W/Guji Zone

7. Giwe 2, Gelana District, W/Guji Zone

8. Milkaye, Daro Labu District, W/Hararge Zone

9. Laga Arb, Guba Koricha District, W/Hararge Zone

10. Gordomo & Alga, Didu & Darimu District, I/A/Bora Zone

11. Kamise Bise, Mettu District, I/A/Bora Zone

12. Lalo Village, Dedo District, Jimma Zone

13. Bite , Ziway Dugda District, Arsi Zone

14. Dodota Alem, Dodota District, Arsi Zone

15. Abule muka Gurahca, Jaju District, Arsi Zone

16. Agemsa Chiri, L/Chukala District, E/Shoa Zone

17. Gaba Kamisa , Abuna Gindberet District, W/Shoa Zone

18. Sonbo Sadin, Bobin, G/Fachase, Aba Wado, Meka Yubdo & bondawo, Najo, B/Dirmaji, Homa, Guliso, Yubdo & Ayira District, W/Wollwga Zone

Submission : to the bureau Olympia on or before 10:00am 23/11/2018

Tel : 011 55712 78/1306

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Friday 26 October 2018 Page 04



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