GC-5 and BC-4 and above bidders for the construction of West Shoa Zone Education Office

Published: Friday, 11 January 2019 Written by The Ethiopia Herald Friday 11 January 2019 Page 06

West Shewa Zone Education Office invites eligible contractors of category GC-5/BC-4 and above for the furnishing the necessary Labor, Material, Equipment and Service for the construction of the West Showa Zone Education Office listed below. 

1. West Showa Zone Liban Wereda Toke Mungo Secondary School
2. West Showa Zone Adea Berga Wereda Karkaresa Secondary School

Submission: to the office on or before 8:00 local time on 21st calendar days from the day of announcement

Tel: 251 11 236 2092/ 251 11 236 6203/ 251 11 868 1996

This announcement is published on:The Ethiopia Herald Friday 11 January 2019 Page 06

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