Bidders for Construction of Six river Bridge construction Projects

Published: Monday, 11 February 2019 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Saturday 09 February 2019 Page 09

The South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State Road Authority invites category GC-5 or RC-5 and above for projects 1,2,3,4,& GC-4 or RC-4 above for projects 5 listed for the construction of the following river Bridge Construction Project

1. On Endekil-Dizu road Dama river bridge project, 40m, Bench maji Zone, North Bench Woreda

2. On Tum-koka Road Tun & koka river bridge and on Tulgit-karamga Road Tulgit river package Project, 20.20m & 24m respectively, Bench maji Zone, Surma & Bero Woreda

3. On Sheko-Eteka Road Wonja river project, 30m, Bench Maji Zone, Sheko Woreda

4. On Ameya-Adiyo-kaka Road Kacho river bridge project, 36m, Keffa Zone, Adiyo Woreda

5. On Tercha-Gojeb road Wegeya river bridge, 72m, Dawro Zone, Tercha Zurya Woreda

6.On Bonga-Adiyo-Kaka road Adiyo river bridge project, 24m, Keffa Zone, Adivo Woreda

Submission : to the authority Hawassa on or before 31st date of announcement at 2:00pm

Tel : 251 046 220 98 90

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Saturday 09 February 2019 Page 09


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