Bidders for Construction of those Water Supply Project Works in SNNP Region

Published: Friday, 01 March 2019 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Friday 01 March 2019 Page 06

The Silte Zone Water Mine and Energy Department invites eligible bidders for the construction no of those water supply projects works contract civil work and fitting project in silte zone in SNNP region The project in short comprises, supply and Installation of pipes and fittings, Construction of reservoir, Construction of Valve chambers for Reservoir, construction of water points, construction of anchor blocks, pump and generator house, supply and installation of electromechanical works and other appurtenat works for the indicated water Supply Projects

1. Wateta water supply project Sankura woreda, contractors level 7 and below

2. Haws water supply project Hulbary woreda, contractors level GC-5 and WWC-5 and above

3. Luqe faqa supply and installation of pipe SILII woreda, Contractors level GC-6 and WWC 6 and above

Submission : to Siltie Zone finance and economy development department worabe town, room no-3 on 21st calendar days after announced up to 2:00pm electronic bidding will not be permitted

Tel : 251 46 771 00 82/83/05 86

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