Bidders for the construction of 6 warehouse for union and 16 warehouse for primary cooperatives, Amhara region

Published: Wednesday, 27 March 2019 Written by The Ethiopian Herald 24 March 2019 Page 14

The Amhara Regional State Cooperative Promotion Agency invites eligible bidders or contractors of grade 6 and above for the construction of warehouse (six warehouse for union and 16 warehouse for primary cooperatives) listed beleow.

Lot 1. Construction of Kesem Union warehouse. N/Shewa zone M/Shenkora woreda.
Construction of Arerety PC warehouse N/Shewa zone M/Shenkora woreda.

Lot 2. Construction of Tsehay Union warehouse C/Gonder zone Gonder woreda.
Construction of ShaweraPC warehouse C/Gonder zone Gonder woreda.

Lot 3. Construction of Wogera Union warehouse N/Shewa zone BasoAurana woreda.
Construction of Ateko PC warehouse N/Shewa zone Antsokiagemzaa woreda.

Lot 4. Construction of Kusay PC warehouse N/Shewa zone MoretnaJeru woreda.
Construction of EmerameskelPC warehouse N/shewa zone Siadebernawayu woreda.

Lot 5. Construction of Gion Union warehouse E/Gojam zone Dejene woreda.
Construction of YegelawPC warehouse E/Gojam zone Basoliben woreda.

Lot 6. Construction of Gedeb PC warehouse E/Gojam zone EnarjeEnawga woreda.
Construction of SeqelaPC warehouse E/Gojam zone Enemay/bichena woreda.

Lot 7. Construction of Ginet PC warehouse E/Gojam zone Debera Alias woreda.
Construction of WojelePC warehouse E/Gojam zone Awabele woreda.

Lot 8. Construction of Damot Union warehouse W/Gojam zone Dembecha woreda.
Construction of Wade EyesusPC warehouse W/Gojam zone Dembecha woreda.
Lot 9. Construction of Zobenet Union warehouse W/Gojam zone Wonberma woreda.
Construction of AnbelaPC warehouse Awi zone AyehuGuagusa woreda.

Lot 10. Construction of Merkeb Union warehouse S/Gonder zone DeraHamusit woreda.
Construction of WorkemadaPC warehouse Awi zone Jawiworda woreda.

Lot 11. Construction of Debubawi Hamusit PC waerhouse S/Gonder zone Dera Hamusit woreda. Construction of SematMenduke PC warehouse S/Gonder zone Andabete woreda.

Submission : to the agency procurement, finance and property directorate procurement section 2nd floor Room no. 14 Bahir Dar near to Gambi Teaching Hospital; on April 17/2011 E.C at 4:00AM morning

Tel : +251 58 320 6206

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald 24 March 2019 Page 14


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