GC-6, RC-5 and BC-5 for the construction of Bridges under three Lots

Published: Tuesday, 07 May 2019 Written by The Ethiopian Herald 7 May 2019 Page 08

The Oromia Roads Authority (ORA) invites eligible contractors of GC-6, RC-5 and BC-5 and above for the construction of under listed Bridges.

Lot-5. Faxxo II, west Shoa Zone.
Qerransa, west Shoa Zone.

Lot-6. Huwa, west Wellega Zone.
Ilu Burar, Qelem Wellega Zone.

Lot-13. Burqa, east Harerge Zone. Xogo, west Harerge Zone.

Submission: to the Oromia Regional Government Sectorial Office building around Sarbet office of ORA 5th floor, procurement and suppliy directorate Finfinne, on or before 2:00PM June 7, 2019

Tel: +251 11 371 8052

This announcement is published on: The Ethiopian Herald 7 May 2019 Page 08


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