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Road consultants invited for the construction supervision of 6(Six) rural road projects ,Oromia Written by The Ethiopian Herald, Wednesday, 04 September 2013 Page 07 888
WWW 6 and above Consultants required at Amhara Regional State Water Resource for Consultancy Services Written by Ethiopian Herald, Tuesday August 27, 2013: Page 09 705
Consultancy service-Individual Expatriate Consultants required at Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise Written by Ethiopian Herald, Tuesday August 27, 2013: Page 04. 728
Consulting Firms invited for Consulting Services of Road Projects, ERA Written by ETHIOPIAN HERALD, Wednesday, August 21, 2013: Page 06. 626
Category – 4 or above National Consultant required for Consultancy Service of G+6 St. Paul’s Apartment Building Written by ETHIOPIAN HERALD, Sunday August 19, 2013: Page 04. 566
CONSULTANCY SERVICE-INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT required at (ULGDP) Written by ETHIOPIAN HERALD, Saturday August 17, 2013: Page 06. 608
Bidders invited for Consultancy services, Haramaya University Written by ETHIOPIAN HERALD, Thursday August 15, 2013: Page 04. 610
Architectural Design Competition for Headquarter (EIC) Written by Reporter Amharic, Sunday 21 July 2013: Part I, Page 32 894
EoI for Construction Supervision of Irrigation Projects, 7 lots, Amhara Water Resources Written by The Ethiopian Herald, Saturday 20 July 2013 : Page 06 952
Agency wants to subcontract Part of the work for Preparation of Digital Ortho-photo and line maps, 20 Towns Written by The Ethiopian Herald, Friday, 19 July 2013: Page 06 721
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