Group to expresses interest to be organized under the World Bank WaSH program to assist woreda, Tigray

Published: Monday, 07 July 2014 Written by The Ethiopian Herald 05 July 2014 Page 06

The Tigray Regional State Water Resource Bureau invites interested group expresses their interest to be organized under the World Bank rural water supply, Sanitation and Hygiene program to assist the woreda wash program based on the World Bank manuals and guidelines.

Interested groups and firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experiences to perform the above assignments.

 The short listing criterion requires each group to be established to posses the following qualification professional.

-One water supply engineer

-One planning, management and facilitation expert

-One Sanitation and Hygiene expert

-One Hydro geologist

In addition to these professionals; the WWC will have a short term staff member consisting of one geophysics, one surveyor, one financial and procurement expert and one electro-mechanical expert that will contribute the services as required. These short term staffs are not to be used as short Listing criteria.

The WWC will be selected & organized in three areas of categories or three lots as fellows;

1 (Lot-1) Category-one consists-Raya Alamata, Raya Azebo, Seharti-Samre, & Stsbiwenberta.

2 (Lot-2) Category-two consists-Hawzen, Ganta-Afeshum, Werie leke, & Kolla-tembien

3 (Lot-3) Category-three consists-Ahiferom, Asgedetsimbla, Tselmit & Welkait The Group of potential WWC will be selected & organized in accordance

With the procedures set out in the World Banks guidelines no lot-by-lot basis: the method of selection is QCBS method.


- New groups who are interested to participate in this EOI should fulfill the above criteria and shall be licensed if they are selected.

- Existing consultants (firms) are supposed to be considered provided that above that they are willing to fulfill the above criteria and also if they are willing to work only in the selected Woreda If they are recognized as WWC (Woreda Wash Consultancy)

-The Bureau will support and assist in their establishment for all interested groups to be organized and established as WWC (Woreda Wash Consultancy)

- Any group or firm if selected as WWC (Woreda Wash Consultancy); it will not be eligible or will not be allowed to work in any other consultancy service other than its assigned woreda.

The Expression of interest must be delivered one original and two copies sealed in separate envelop to the address below on or before July, 21 2014 3:30PM interested groups (teams) may obtain further information from the address given below


Tigray Regional Water Resources Bureau

Wash Coordination Unit Procurement Section

5th Floor Room No 84

envelope to y obtain further 


Tel +251 0344402439/413292/0914733319

Fax:+251 0344419637,

Mekelle, Ethiopia

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