Consultancy service for Study Design of water supply under four lots , SNNPRS Water Irrigation

Published: Thursday, 04 January 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Tuesday 02 January 2018 Page 07

The SNNPRS Water and Irrigation Development Bureau invites eligible consultants to express interest for the consultancy service to undertaking the Water source Identification, Feasibility Study and Detail Design, preparation of specification and bill of quantities, and preparation of Tender document for the water supply projecyd unfrt yhr golloeinh lots;

Lot I: Benssa and Leku Towns (Sidama Zone)

Lot II: Yirgalem and Mehal Amba Towns (Sidam and Gurage Zone Respectively)

Lot III: Bombe, Belle and Geresse Towns (Wolaitta and G/Goffa Zone Respectively)

Lot IV: Boreda, Saja and Yadota Towns (Kontta and Yeme S/Woredas and Kaffa Zone) Water Supply Projects in SNNPRS.

Submission : to the bureau Hawassa on or before 15 days of announcement at 3:00pm

Tel : 251 46 221 24 27

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Tuesday 02 January 2018 Page 07



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