Bidders for geometric and structural design related projects, Amhara Rural Roads

Published: Tuesday, 31 July 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Friday 27 July 2017 Page 0 8

The Amhara Rural Roads Construction Agency invites eligible bidders with Software training or consultants registered with Category -3 and above in General Consultancy or Road and Bride Consultancy License for the service On job Training on

Lot 1: Theories on different road geometry standards more specifically ERA 2013 and topography survey supplemented with the last version of Civil -3D Road design Software with Autocad-2015 software and

Lot 2: a. On Job Training of Bride design bridge structural design concepts and Bridge Design using but not limited to STAAd-PRO or Leap bridge design or Automated Auto CAD application or any other software better than stated

b. Catchment area delineation fluid volume determination for a given catchments IDF curve determination with the latest software version

Submission : to the agency Bahir Dar on or before august 13, 2018 at 2:00pm

Tel : 251 58 222 11 07

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