Consultancy service for 11 Road Projects, ERA

Published: Thursday, 11 October 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Tuesday 09 October 2018 Page 06

The Ethiopian Roads Authority invites eligible bidder’s consultants to express interest for the consultancy service for the following roads project

1. Consultancy Service for Construction of Ditchoto-Elidar- Manda-Bure-Design and Building Road Project, Afar Region, AC

2. Consultancy Service for Construction Supervision of Gode-Kelafo Firfir, Lot II:Kelafo-Firfir Road Project, Somalia Region, AC

3. Construction Service for Construction Supervision of Pawe Junction-Hidase Dam Lot 2: Km 69+000- Hidase Da Road Project, Benishangul Region, AC

4. Consultancy Service for Construction Supervision Nekemt -Soge-Kamash-Komcjo, Lot II: Km 105+000 Km 160 Road Project, Oromia Region, AC

5. Consultany Service for Constrution Supervison of Gode- Hargele, Lot II: Km 100+000- Hatgele Road Project, Somalia Region, DBST

6. Consultancy Service for Construction Supervison of Dire-Masha Lot 2 Km 62+000- masa Road Project, SNNP Region, DBST

7. Consultancy Services for consturction supervison of Chereti-Hagermekor-Kundi-Gordamole; lot III:Kundi Gordamole Road Project, Somalia Reiogn , DBST

8. Construction for Constructio Supervision of Jigjiga-Fafen-Gelelesh-Deghamedo Road Project, Lot II: Gelelesh- Deghamedo Road Project, Somalia Riong, DBST

9. Consultancy Services for the Construction of Cnstruction Supervision of Sawal-kakom road project contract 2:Km 93+000 to Km 122+768, SNNp Region, Gravel

10. Construction Service for Feasiblity Study, Envirionmenttal Impact Assessment Resettlement Ation Plan Detailed Engineering Design and Tender Document Preparation of -Nunu Kumba-Jimma-Arjo Road Project, Oromia Region, Ac

11. Consultancy Services for the Design Review of Dermi-Kenticha-Shaliso Road Project, SNNP Region, Gravel

Submission : to Engineering Procurement Directorat on or before October 25, 2018 at 4:30pm

Tel : 251 551 5002

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