Category 3 for consultancy service under two lots 11 packages , South Roads

Published: Friday, 12 October 2018 Written by The Ethiopian Herald Wednesday 10 October 2018 Page 06

South Roads Authority invites eligible category 3 and above consultants for the consultancy service for the following river bridge projects

Lot -1

Package 1: unders Worabe distrucit located in Silte Zone 170Km from Addis Ababa

Package 2: Under Hossana district located in Hadya zone 230Km From Addis Ababa

Package 3: under Guber district located in Gurage Zoen 170Km Frome Addis Ababa

Package 4: Under MizanDistrict Located in Bench Maji Zone 600Km form Addis Ababa

Package 5: Under Tercha District nLocated in Dawro Zone 490KM from Addis Ababa through A.A Jima-Chida -Tercha Road streetch or through A.A-Sodo-Tercha road Stetch 560 Km

Package 6: under Bonga district located in Keffa Zone 359Km from Addis Ababa

Lot 2:

Package 1: under Arbaminc district located in Gamogofa and Segen Area Zone 48Km from Addis Ababa

Package 2: Under Daye districted in Sidama Zone 420Km from Addis Ababa

Package 3 under Sodo district located in Wolayite zone Package 4 under Dila District located in Gedio and Segen Area People zone

Package 5: under Jinka District located in South Omo zone 720Km from Addis Ababa

Submission : to the office Hawassa on or before 11:00AM of 31st date of announcement

Tel : 251 046 220 98 90

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald Wednesday 10 October 2018 Page 06





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