Bidders for consultancy services for Ten Road Projects in different regions

Published: Wednesday, 05 June 2019 Written by The Ethiopian Herald 31 May 2019 Page 07

The Ethiopian Roads Authority(ERA) invites eligible bidders of category grade I for consultancy services for feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, resettlement action plan, detailed engineering design and tender document preparation for the following road project;

1. Alemgena - Butajira Road Project in SNNPR and Oromia Region.
2. Chancha - Chano Road Project in SNNPR Region.
3. Ambo Giorgies - Arba Tseguir - Abi Adi Junction Road Project in Amhara Region.
4. Remti - Burka Road Project Oromia Reagion.
5. Raitu - Shakisa - Elkere Road Project in Somali Region.
6. Ali Ethiopia Degehamedo Road Project in Somali Region.
7. Pawi Junction Hidasse Dam Road Project, Hidasse Dam Road Project, Lot 2: Km 69 Hidasse Dam in Benshangul Region.
8. Arsi Robe - Gobensa - Wabe river road project in Oromia Reagion.
9. Jiga - Quarit - Arbgebeya - Sekela, Tilili Road Project in Somali Region.
10. Chereti Hagermekor Kundi Gordamole Road Project, Lot 3: Km 61+000 - Masha in Oromia Region.

Submission : to the ERA main office new building, 1st floor block - B, Ras Abebe Aregay street on or befor June 10, 2019 at 5:30 Pm.

Tel : +251 11 515 0419

This announcement is published on : The Ethiopian Herald 31 May 2019 Page 07

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